Guyana Telephone & Telegraph [GTT], CEO Mr Justin Nedd Thanked For Company’s Contribution To Robot Exhibition

June 29, 2017 admin 0 Comments

Georgetown, Guyana: June 26, 2017 – Guyana Telephone & Telegraph [GTT], CEO Mr Justin Nedd could have been anywhere on Saturday June 24, but he chose to spend that time at Guyana’s first Robot & Technology exhibition.  Mr Nedd expressed great joy at the prospects for Guyana’s youth and was impressed by the student’s work and the attendees engagement with the various technologies presented at the exhibition.

Not only did Mr Nedd hand out the prize to the Lusignan-Good Hope Learning Center but he also approved GTT’s sponsorship of STEMGuyana text promotion on the GTT mobile network.  Many of the event’s attendees shared that they learned about the exhibition through their text messages so STEMGuyana is grateful for GTT’s contribution to the success of the exhibition.

STEMGuyana wishes to thank Mr Nedd for attending and contributing and we look forward to an ongoing association with GTT.