Earn a free robot for your STEM club

We intend to inspire the creation of 8 additional robotics clubs in Guyana at the end of our 4 camps and we will give each club a robot kit to begin their work.

The first 8 to complete the following will each win a robot;

1) Find an organization; club, religious organization, school or community center to meet, build and program robots according to challenges issued.

2) Recruit at least 8 students; 10yrs – 14yrs to be members of the club

3) Agree to participate in the Guyana Robotics League and compete against other local teams.

4) Agree to raise funds to purchase additional robot, t-shirts and supplies

5) Find a coach / adult who will be able to attend our coaching session in July 2016.

6) Internet access for instructions, coaching materials and updates on challenges is NECESSARY.

7) Attend our camp championships with all team members scheduled for August 6th 2016 to meet organizers.

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