“Dream Team” training builds capacity for national expansion of STEM robotics program

January 23, 2019 admin 0 Comments

The 2019 class of STEMGuyana’s technical and training support “Dream Team”, represented a group comprising 85% young ladies.  The team completed two days with an option of three, of rigorous training on building, programming and technical support of STEMGuyana’s robot products and the MIT Scratch application product.  The new expanded “Dream Team” will support club leader training classes, and the rollout of the “Reading & Robotics” program in libraries across Guyana, in addition to providing support for the more than 15 private schools and additional community groups and private clubs which have signed up for league competition in 2019.

“We believe that children all across Guyana, who are interested in technology, should have access to the training which will allow them to participate in the national robotics competition”, said STEMGuyana Master Trainer & Administrator Aisha Peters.  To that end, the organization continues to reach out to form trusted partnerships with the Diaspora and local private and public sector entities that are committed to the idea of preparing Guyanese children to be more than consumers of technology.

STEMGuyana’s program includes a solid technology curriculum which is integrated with the Ministry of Education’s Science curriculum which is then delivered to all associated STEM clubs via weekly lesson plans.  STEMGuyana’s intent is to standardize the delivery of technology education to all STEM club students who are associated with the STEMGuyana organization.  Club activities include building and programming robots, learning new Science concepts in a fun way, and strengthening Reading and Math fundamental skills.  “We believe in project-based learning and our program focuses on developing collaboration, communication, critical thinking and problem solving skills in children, even as they learn in a fun environment”, added STEMGuyana Master Trainer & Co-Administrator Stephanie Simon.

In addition to access to STEMGuyana local & international training programs, “Dream Team” members are provided access to an unlimited number of online technology classes and opportunities to represent Guyana at international technology events. They are also mentored to prepare themselves for careers in technology.  STEMGuyana co-founder Karen Abrams added that, “we want to ensure that all of the young people associated with our program are prepared to take advantage of opportunities which are presented to them.  Two of our STEMGuyana trainers recently qualified for Clinc’s AI apprenticeship program through Eldon Mark’s Version 75 Solutions company and two more are working with that same organization to develop technology skills which will prepare them to operate at a world class level.  So our mission is to partner with organizations that are serious about helping to prepare our children and youth to be globally competitive in the future ”