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Create A STEMClub In Your Community

STEMGuyana is in the process of registering local community or school STEMClubs.  The purpose of these clubs is to expose Guyana’s youth to the technologies and tools that young people all around the world are using to help prepare them for a technology future.  All clubs will have an opportunity to train and participate in one or more leagues.  The leagues include a Maths league, a Scratch coding league and a Lego Mindstorm EV3 building and programming league.  Club leaders will be trained and certified in coaching their members in each of these areas.  Students will have a period of at least 30 days to complete tutorials and to prepare themselves for competition.  The first STEMGuyana league will launch on October 1st and will run for periods of six weeks.  Following are the guidelines for creating STEMClubs;

  1. Find a location, make sure it has internet access and begin recruiting team members.  Keep in mind your team should have the following skills; researchers, creatives, designers, coders and project managers.  Roles should be rotated so that all students have an opportunity to develop all skills.
  2. Review club equipment requirements doc.
  3. Registration for each student’s league participation is $1000 per student per league, per season.  A limited number of scholarships will be offered.
  4. Each team must identify one person who will be a part of the judging pool.  Judges will rate [blind] all submissions based on guidelines.
  5. We encourage all teams that cannot afford robot kits and laptops to open a fundraising project on http://fundgt.com.  This platform allows teams to reach out to friends, family and the diaspora for help raising funds for their respective clubs.
  6. Club leaders will sign up for training and certification from STEMGuyana’s staff.  Training will cost $2000 / person
  7. Club leaders will guide members through program tutorials [Scratch programming and Lego Mindstorm Ev3 buidling and programming]
  8. PREPARE FOR LEAGUE LAUNCH ON October 1, 2017.