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“There is a growing recognition that Computational Thinking Practices are critical for all students to learn. They form the cornerstone of the language of innovation, and will drive all future STEM discoveries. They are a new set of “basic skills” that all students need to know. But what are they? At first glance, concepts like “consider problems analytically” and “use data to inform decisions” seem abstract and difficult to comprehend. Educational robotics systems like the EV3 provide a much-needed tool to make them real and approachable.”

“Sensors add the element of data and make key information about the robot’s environment available; numeric abstractions become a reality – 35 centimeters to the nearest wall, turn 90 degrees – enable the student to make smart decisions about the robot’s behavior. These practices – precise logical thinking, using data to make decisions, analyzing problems, and building solutions in teams – are critical in all forms of problemsolving, not just robotic ones.”  —  —  Ross Higashi, Robotics Academy Learning Scientist

Earn a free robot for your STEM club

We intend to inspire the creation of 8 additional robotics clubs in Guyana at the end of our 4 camps and we will give each club a robot kit to begin their work. The first 8 to complete the following will each win a robot; 1) Find an organization; club, religious organization, school or community center to meet, build and…

Start a STEM club in your area

Our mission is to inspire the creation of competitive coding clubs throughout all regions of Guyana. Our goal is teach robot building and programming, and later website and mobile app development to STEM club members.  The goal is to inspire an interest in STEM careers in young people in Guyana and the Caribbean. To that end we will host 100 1st…