Sophia Primary School Invited Back Into The NGSA ‘tech prep’ pilot program

December 11, 2018 admin 0 Comments

Sophia Primary School’s 2018 class

Georgetown, Guyana – December 11, 2018: Today STEMGuyana’s representative Ms Aisha Peters welcomed Sophia Primary School into the 2019 NGSA ‘tech prep’ pilot program. Sophia Primary School also participated in the 2018 program and students showed a 11% improvement in Maths and a 14% improvement in English on the 2018 NGSA exam.

Students at Sophia Primary will also enjoy their own STEM club in 2019 with robots and training donated by GTT.  Head Teacher Ms Audrey Sue has been an enthusiastic supporter of both the 2018 and 2019 NGSA ‘tech prep’ pilot programs.  St Pius Primary, Paradise Primary and Lusignan Primary are some of the 10 schools which will be invited to the 2019 NGSA ‘tech prep’ pilot program.

The NGSA ‘tech prep’ was sponsored by President David Granger who, in 2018, donated all of the tablet computers used in the program. Unfortunately the program was not implemented until February of 2018 which gave the students in the 2018 pilot program, very little time to prepare.  This year, students will prepare for three months which should help the STEMGuyana team determine the effectiveness of the NGSA mobile app.