Team Guyana Represents Creditably Despite Catastrophic Equipment Challenges

August 18, 2018 admin 0 Comments

For Immediate Release – August 18, 2018

Plagued by near catastrophic equipment failure in 4 out of 8 matches, Team Guyana fell short of making the playoff rounds of the First Global tournament and ended up with 4 wins, 4 losses and an 89th out of 180 teams world ranking.

“I have recently developed new appreciation for the amazing performance of our 2017 robotics team,” said Abrams.  “This year nearly everything that could go wrong with our robot did stated the co-founder.  Apart from some damage our robot sustained in transit, we lost the function of 3 out of 5 motors on our drive train in one game, one in game collision caused us to break off a critical arm during competition, another hit flipped our robot over in another game, I am simply amazed that we were able to win 4 out of 8 games.  In fact, we would have won 5 out of 8 games, even with our damaged robot, were it not for referee error”
Team Guyana Captain Ryan Benschop added that “although I am an extremely competitive person, I feel grateful, even happy that I was given the opportunity to work on such an amazing project with such a great group of people.  Our task was not trivial, we were required to review a challenge, come up with a strategy, then a design and build the robot based on that design.  We were then challenged to work in groups of 3 with sets of 2 teams of unknown ability, to compete in 8 games against alliances from around the world.  Although we fell short, our team remained strong, determined, resilient and we represented Guyana well on the global stage.  My only regret is that we were unable to bring a top 20 victory home to Guyana but, as is the motto at STEMGuyana, I believe we’ve grown and learnt numerous lessons from this experience, all of which will allow us to achieve even more success in our future endeavours.”
Overall, Team Guyana represented Guyana well as they displayed perseverance, determination and unity in game after game.  A robotics competition is after all a show of teamwork, strategy, mechanical ingenuity, innovation, and creativity and Team Guyana members displayed these critical talents throughout the tournament; talents which they plan to share with youth from various communities across Guyana.